All consultations at Bendigo Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine include Pulse, Abdominal and Questioning; which are systematic methods to feel and understand the movements of gas, fluids and blood, that directly influence the function/dysfunction of a particular system or organ. 
These essential methods create a collective form of diagnosis to gather and compare information to assist Acupuncture, Diet, Herb and Formula strategies.



With correct understanding and application; Acupuncture creates a very specific action to restore the body to a normal functional state. Our approach to acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping aligns with the same classical protocols that have been used and researched for hundreds of years, helping to maximize and reproduce results.  

We use gentle, shallow needling techniques that provide pain free results.


Chinese Medicine.

Nowadays herbs are very poorly understood and prescribed; based on lack of knowledge or even ones imagination. We follow very particular rules and regulations based on a classical science. Each herb in a formula must align with specific indications (lock and key principle) and when combined with other herbs, must be perfectly balanced.

We use 120 organic-tested herbs (non-animal) and 172 unmodified formulas that were first recorded in Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD), China.


Herbal Dispensary.

Our herbs are imported directly from certified organic farms in China, which are then individually tested and certified. Depending on your problem, the application of the herbs change; we will however work with you and your personal preferences, which can include the usage of powders, bulk, capsules and/or sachets.

We are one of the very few clinics outside China to offer a traditional decoction service. Able to prepare individual herbal formulas in ready-made liquid form (sachets) for you the same day as your consultation. This high pressure and temperature-controlled decoction method extracts much higher proportions of active ingredients, making  your herbal prescription more effective, convenient and palatable.