My Journey.

In my early years of Chinese medicine, I always believed any disease could be cured - if there was a problem, there must be a solution! However, regardless if I was with the best TCM practitioners in China, America or in my own clinic in Australia, I was always met with disappointment.

 Then when my mother suddenly passed away from a simple skin rash that was made complicated; I was lost to why I should continue a medicine that provided no solutions. Distraught, I traveled across India and by chance met an old yogi who, without introduction, told me I must return home and continue Chinese medicine.

 On the same day I arrived home to Australia, a friend introduced me to a lineage of Chinese medicine based on Zhang Zhongjing methods - something I never knew existed. Straight away I left for America to find out more and was quickly introduced to the ancient methods of Chinese medicine - and it was enlightening!

 But even after more than six years of close association, I found they and others alike were unable to bring these ancient teachings to life in the clinic - there was a large gap between intellectual knowledge and true clinical understanding.

 Determined and knowing there must be somebody who is able to know and practice these methods correctly, I returned to China. I had located and arranged to meet with the original family members of the same Zhongjing lineage, who introduced me to other doctors who practiced according to the ancient Zhongjing ways. One spoke of a Confucius physician from Japan - Todo Yoshimasu.

 I tracked down his books in ancient Japanese and soon spent day and night building sentences and pages with Todo’s writings. In my heart I knew I had finally found a true clinical master of the ancient methods. After more than fifteen years of searching across China and the world I can finally see I was correct - that any disease can be cured with Chinese medicine; but only with correct understanding and applications.

 Thank you Todo, my teacher and master; who opened the doors for me to the true clinical methods of Chinese medicine.





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